Risk and the Insurance Business in History.

An International Conference, Seville 2019

The International Conference on Risk and the Insurance Business in History will be held in June 11th to 14th 2019 on the historic city of Seville.
Insurance constitutes a key element in modern economies. From the Middle Ages, the management of risks associated with economic activities has become one of the foundations of mature financial systems. Insurance historians have begun to explore the evolution of this industry in the long term, which has resulted in several conferences, seminars, research projects and publications. We believe that the moment has come to gather the community of researchers devoted to the insurance business to set a meeting point for the exchange of ideas, different focuses and approaches on the fundamentals of the field.

The Scientific Committee welcomes proposals from all researchers interested on the different dimensions of the evolution of the insurance business and the industry of risk management, whatever their institutional affiliation or status. Given the variety of research fields dealing with risk management and insurance industry, we seek to reflect this diversity at the conference, in such a way that we welcome contributions not only from Economic History, but also from Economics, Business and Finance, Law, Sociology and Actuarial Sciences.

Session Themes / Topics:

  • Insurance and welfare.
  • Insurance law and regulation.
  • Organisation of insurance.
  • Insurance education and training.
  • Insurance and economic development.
  • Sociology of insurance.
  • Marketing and distribution.
  • Insurance technologies.
  • Insurance markets.
  • Additional topics are welcome and they will be considered by the Scientific Committee.

In order to work efficiently and to adapt to different topics and methodologies, and given the wide variety of foci and scholars invited, organisers will be given discretion to shape the format of sessions. The conference will have approximately 30 sessions distributed in time blocks of 2 hours. Proposals should include names and affiliations of the organisers (no more than 3); a title, abstract and main objectives of the session; a list with the potential participants in the session.

Proposals of sessions should be directed to insurance.international.conference@unia.es

The deadline to send proposals is December 20th 2017.